Tall Tails Bone Tug Natural Leather 16" Dog Toy

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Tall Tails Bone Tug Natural Leather 16" Dog Toy


Play with natural materials and looks with this Tall Tails Natural Leather and Wool Tug Toy, ideal for play between you and your pup. Add in the fact that this toy is constructed from cotton/jute material that is also a very effective flossing agent, and this tug toy becomes perfect agent for both physical and mental health for your pet. Tug-of-war is the perfect game for this product!


  • Free of harsh toxic chemicals as well as artificial colors and flavors
  • Natural rope can sooth teething puppies when soaked in cold water
  • Built for durability utilizing sturdy natural materials and stitching
  • Outside is natural leather and inside is layered wool felt with heavy duty stitching. Cotton/jute rope extends all the way through the bone shape
  • Spot Clean